Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy new year

I am back in Denmark and started school again, not that we are taking any classes atm but we are preparing the big grad day and to enter the world of grown ups.
I am currently working on my portfolio as well as going to job interviews.
Thoughts about future salary, pension, loan payments and other interesting adult responsibilities have invaded my head, I can nothing else but drop my weapons and give in.
As a clever man once said: "if it does not kill you it only makes you stronger"
I am not dead yet so I await for the tremendous power this guy has promised.

Through the year 2007 I have accomplished finishing my bachelor projected together with my classmates Karen and Michael. Even though I am sick and tired of this film today I can still see that is a job well done.
A part from the short I was working for Caoz over the summer, there I got to do a lot of fun stuff.
I am never eager to post stuff that I have sold, weather that is as an employee or a freelancer.
But in this case I know it has gotten in print or has been used...sooo you get to see some of it.
By looking back on the year 2007 I feel like I have learned so much, and so fast.
And by looking over the 5 years I have lived and learned in Denmark I can always surprise myself.
It hasn´t come easy and it hasn´t always been nice...
...(here it feels appropriated to quote the clever guy again.)

I hope I will never stop learning new tricks and techniques and that I will get a job were I can work with what I love and still pay my bills.
if not...
...I could always steal a pencil if you lent me a piece of paper.

Thank you for your visits in 2007, may they be more in the year we just entered.